Recycled Fashion

Recycled fashion pieces are one of kind clothing pieces that are out of the mainstream fashion pieces one might see all over the place, and they never gout of style. Up cycling, is the rejuvenation of clothing second hand, at a yard sale, thrift store, or anywhere second hand clothes are sold. Then the item made into something unique and wearable.

The positive impact recycling materials to wear has on the environment motivates many of the designers in the industry. It is an important cause for them to remake out of date clothing into a fashionable, desirable article of clothing. Some remade pieces can fetch high dollar amounts because of their uniqueness. The buyers of recycled fashions are enamored with the refreshing looks and choose to view the pieces as objects of art. In addition, they are, really. Many of the designers highlight their fashion pieces alongside the other media on display.

One designer in the recycled fashion industry makes her clothes for sale out of recycled water bottles. The yoga pants and other exercise wearable gear is pleasing to look at and functional to wear. The carbon footprint on the environment is the driving force behind this designer’s creation. She states that by recycling the water bottles and making clothes from them, she is reducing the bad air quality in the US and in China. Because of China’s pollution floating across the ocean, and infecting the United States with poor air quality by the enormous amount of particles in the air from the textile industry in China.


Some DIY Recycled Fashion Ideas

ü  Sew a cute Patch on your favorite pair jeans.

ü  Use an embroidery hoop and a t-shirt to embroider a design for a new look on a boring t-shirt.

ü  Piece together, and sew some fabulous pieces of fabric into a patchwork skirt or apron top.

ü  Make a unique belt out of old neckties.

ü  Turn an outdated or un-wearable pair of jeans into a purse.

ü  Make headbands out of fabrics form old clothes for your hair.

ü  Make a wrap out of a button down shirt.

ü  Use long skirts to hem a new short skirt for your wardrobe.

ü  Use a cheese grader on a pair of jeans that need to have a destroyed look to them.

ü  Use fabric dye to give new life to some of your older articles of clothing.